Dutch Interconnect Alliance

  • Simple to implement NGN interconnection which supports end-to-end VoIP services across networks.
  • High quality VoIP interconnection, with guaranteed QOS and availability, as good as the PSTN.
  • Reach multiple networks with a single interconnect, reducing the technical, operational and commercial costs & risks of multiple direct interconnections.
  • Reduced time to implement multiple interconnects.
  • Bandwidth aggregation - efficient use of IP interconnect bandwidth by aggregation of traffic to multiple partners.
  • Flexibility - Where possible GCXS will work with customers to tailor the implementation to their specific network requirements.
  • Neutrality - GCXS will not compete with our customers, and all members are listened to equally.
  • Experience - GCXS and XConnect have years of experience in deploying and operating NGN interconnection solutions.
  • Future Direction - GCXS will work with our members to define the future direction of DIA as members deploy and enhance their NGN networks and service set.
Also 0800 freephone numbers can be routed over our platform. Shortly we will add 0900 and with that there is no need to connect to any other operator.

Let GCXS handle all your traffic!


The interconnect hub is the central point for interconnecting SIP Signalling and Media between DIA customers. SPs connect their VoIP network to the Interconnect Hub and can pass calls to all other connected SPs, avoiding the need to implement multiple direct VoIP interconnects. The Interconnect Hub queries the Registry to determine whether a particular call between SPs is 'allowed' through policy and if so where to route the call.

The Interconnect Hub provides the following functions:

  • Session Border Control - All SP SIP interconnects to the hub terminate on the interconnect hub SBC. The SBC supports SIP layer security (topology hiding, Call Admission Control, B2BUA, SIP message validation), and SIP interworking (allowing different implementations and methods of SIP to be 'interworked' amongst the SPs).
  • Stateful SIP Proxy - The SIP Proxy routes the SIP messages between the SPs. The proxy's internal routing engine queries the Registry to determine whether a call is allowed, and the appropriate SIP route for the call. The SIP Proxy routing engine supplements the routing data received from the Registry to allow more complex routing scenarios if required (eg first choice, second choice etc.). If a call requires Media Relay, the proxy will allocate an appropriate address and port.
  • Media Relay - The media relay is an optional element, and can be used to support particular call scenarios where media topology hiding or NAT traversal are required. Use of the media relay for a particular call is controlled by the SIP Proxy.
  • CDR Generation - A Call Detail Record is generated for every call across the hub. CDRs are stored in a data-warehouse and form the basis for quality and usage reporting for the DIA services. For Alliances utilizing the platform settlement option, the CDRs also form the basis of all inter-provider settlement charges.

Dutch Private Alliance

The Dutch Private Alliance, allows a Service Provider to create their own private interconnect Community where the owning SP determines the policy, routing and settlement rules.

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Our interconnects

Fixed: VFGEO (Vodafone), VFNL (Vodafone), VFIX (Vodafone), CLWV (Coolwave), ONEC (OneCentral), RWKM (Redworks), RWKF (Redworks), HILF (HILF), HLF2 (HILF), BPCO (BudgetPhone), BCOM (Business Communications), ZEUS (Ziggo), BRZZ (Ziggo), CSMA (Ziggo), CSTL (Ziggo), ENEC (Ziggo), TELK (Ziggo), MAXI (Maxitel), MOTT (Motto), NLH1 (Motto),SPUP (SpeakUp),X2C,(X2COM), VPED (Voiped), VPRT (Voiperator), VZKR (VoipZeker), TAM1 (TamOne), DVTD (DVT Diensten, V4ALL (Voip4ALL), CLWV (Coolwave), WINC (Winitu Communications), SONA (SONA Business Services), 12CO (12Connect, KEEN (Keen) Xeno (XenoSite)

Mobile: LTEL (Vodafone), UPCM (UPC), ZIMO (Ziggo Mobiel), MOMO (Motto), KEEM (Keen Mobile)

New operator

At GCXS you can be connected in days. Do not hesitate and ask for a test-trunk and convince yourself.