Revolutionise your Interconnect service

GCXS is an IP interconnect platform provider for connecting Fixed and Mobile Network Operators via our smart IP platform. We have 2 pop locations in the Netherlands (Amsterdam and Enschede), and one in Germany (Frankfurt). We offer direct interconnect between all our customers and transit to the rest.

The Dutch Interconnect Alliance (DIA) service is a set of network capabilities and product features which facilitate interconnection between Next Generation Service Providers to enable the exchange of 'VoIP' traffic.

Unlike traditional TDM or VoIP bi-lateral interconnection, the DIA service is based on 'multi-lateral' IP interconnection across a purpose built VoIP 'Alliance' network.

Getting Big!

GCXS started in 2013 we are still growing! During our service we have established to connect a large list of Fixed and Mobile customers to our platform. We have a direct connection with the following brands/customers: Message to the Moon, Voiceworks, Pocos, Private Mobility. Vodafone, Coolwave, BudgetPhone, Business Communication, Ziggo, Maxitel, Motto, Speakup, X2Com, Voiped, Voiparator, VoipZeker, TamOne, DVT Services, Voip4ALL, Xenosite (Winitu Communications), SONA Business Services, 12Connect, Keen, XenoSite, CM, VoizXL and many others MOBILE: Vodafone, UPC, Ziggo, Motto, Keen, VoIPGRID, A3BC, Eylo, VoipQ. 

Acting lean and mean is our primair goal at GCXS. We don't have huge contracts, just 5 pages. Our prices are simple and straight forward, just one price no different components. For 0800 we give kickback.

GCXS = Federation 

"We all benefit".

National Federations are hub based IP interconnection services that enable Service Providers to efficiently and economically connect, within a country or region, to directly exchange IP based communication services such as Voice, HD Voice and Video. Federations enable Service Providers to deliver quality, price competitive services to their customers.

Our cloud-based softswitch platform enables Service Providers to deliver scalable, carrier-grade wholesale VoIP services without committing the costs and resources associated with building and managing their own IP infrastructure. We offer a complete solution for developing a VoIP wholesale business by integrating the features of a session border controller (SBC), quality-based least cost routing (LCR) engine, and billing system, to enable call routing, carrier management, and billing capabilities from a single platform. 

We connect 2 everyone and everywhere.

No matter if you are a small or a big operator, our model allows you to connect easily and without big costs.

Join us today!.