IP Voice Interconnect

This is our core service. We offer our IP services such as Voice and HD Voice, video on our modern platform to serve all our customers.

Number Portability Query

Enable faster, cheaper, and more reliable communications applications by identifying global mobile and landline operators every time a connection is established. Our number portability database allows you to find the terminating operator for any number and telecommunication network.

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Block or Allow list !

Each operator has its own blocked list for fraudulent numbers. Those numbers are blocked for their own customers within their own systems. Wouldn't it be great if we combine each other's lists and help each other with those fraudulent numbers / calls. That's why GCXS starts with a central blocked numbers database system for mutual benefit to our customers. We call this the "Block List"! We also have a list of all allowed individual numbers (fixed and mobile). If it is not on this list it is not allowed !!. We are currently starting with the Netherlands, but will soon expand with other countries. We call this the Allow List! Interested? just send an email to:

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Combats identity theft

Helps fight identity theft and e-commerce fraud and enables your businesses to have secure conversations with their customers. Today, billions of transactions depend on secure digital identities. Verifying a customer's identity often requires a mobile phone and meets requirements in terms of both convenience and risk. Using up-to-date cell phone number information, businesses can determine the best verification technique for an online purchase with a credit card, a conversation on WhatsApp, or logging into a customer account.

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